September 28, 2023
PO Box 2539, Cypress, Tx 77410
The Melaverse

Welcome to The Melaverse!

The melaverse is the next evolution of social connection through commerce & Block Chain technology. Our company’s vision is to help bring our online melaverse to life through the backing of our Melacoin Token.

Everyday we are developing exciting new technologies that will help people connect and explore inside of our melaverse.

Hosting Major Events

Companies sponsored by The Melaverse like "The Remedy Conference" are known for hosting major urban Events like the annual Remedy Conference Twice out the year across the country! Melaverse users not only get to interact with people online but also IN PERSON!

Meet Our Team

Kween Johanna

Administrative Manager

Crypto “Block Chain” Bully

Development & Block Chain Specialist

Hail Razor

Head Legal Representative

Dwayne Smith

Chief Secretary

Cheri Alexander-Smith

Chief Treasury