June 6, 2023
PO Box 2539, Cypress, Tx 77410
Krown Canvas

Krown Canvas to Release New NFT Series!

It’s funny Growing up in “This Public” system here in Mainstream America they use to portray Melanated people as [Monkeys and Apes] as a sign of degradation, but now in 2022 the Melanated Community pays European designers millions to glorify those Imageries while they utilize their earnings to build up THEIR COMMUNITIES! 🤦🏾‍♂️The chess game is so heavy!

With that being said, The new “Krown Canvas” division Launching April 15th 2022 on the Melaverse Online, wanted to manifest a NFT series that embodied Love, Light and Liberation; what better display of that than the Melanated Woman!? So we created the MONAE’ LISA NFT Series depicting Powerful women as a strong Melenated version of the world famous “Mona Lisa”!

If you want a REAL Asset The Secret is to have a Kween “in ya Wallet” that brings you VALUE, and not just depreciates! Do you have a Monae’ Lisa!? I got a few🥰, And on April 15th I’ll share some with you in the Melaverse!