June 6, 2023
PO Box 2539, Cypress, Tx 77410

Instructions to Opening a Melaverse Wallet:

#1. Click on the “Melaverse Wallet ” Button and wait for the Site to load

#2. Choose the Binance Chain

#3. Now when it ask’s to “Add Currency”, scroll down and select the “MelaCoin”, and you should have a Melacoin Wallet Now shown and Available.

#4. Also Add a “BNB” (Biance) Wallet and fill it up with at least $5-10.

Since we are operating on the Binance Smart Chain, we must use BNB to fuel our Melacoin Transactions.

Below are some of the features you will get in your wallet:

Key Features

  • Fully Responsive and Dynamic
  • Easy to Signup & Signin
  • Profile Management
  • User can buy coin with bank deposit
  • Buy coin with coinpayments
  • Membership system
  • Coin blocking system
  • Get bonus from blocked coin percentage
  • Nice Wallet management
  • Generate wallet address using coin payment
  • Coin deposit system
  • Deposit Chart
  • Withdrawal Chart
  • Google Auth Setup
  • Password Setup
  • Security Management