June 6, 2023
PO Box 2539, Cypress, Tx 77410

SovereignTV Coming to the Melaverse Near You!

Having our own Private Marketplace isn’t going to be enough, we need to control Our own MEDIA, IMAGERY and Creative Direction for the urban community! What better way to do that than if we had our own Netflix? Our own Exclusive Content, News Streams, and More!?

On April 15th, 2022 the Melaverse will be releasing SOVEREIGN TV, an actual Media App featuring exclusive entertainment like showcasing our ISelfLawAmMaster Courses and webinars RIGHT ON YOUR ROKU, APPLE, And AMAZON TV! This year, we are putting the Urban Community on with high quality Information and Entertainment!

Imagine a Network TV that promoted Sovereignty, REAL MUSIC, Soul, Love and Everything for us! Soon we’ll be streaming the whole Remedy Conference on TV so individuals can watch it at home like the BET awards. This year we take back the Power!